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joreth @ 03:34 pm: Free Dance Lessons Monday 5/21 @ 7 PM
Have you seen all the Dance Night events but didn't go because you're afraid to dance in public? Ever wanted to learn how to look cool on the dance floor doing swing dancing or cha cha or some partner dance that you never even learned the name of? Already know how to dance but want a refresher? An expert dancer who likes to teach?

Come out to our free dance lessons!

Joreth is hosting an opportunity to cut a rug by learning some basic dance steps that can be done at practically any venue - nightclubs, office parties, weddings, whatever!

We will learn 2-3 steps from the 4 dances you will most likely encounter in the wild in the first hour, and then the dance floor will open for free dancing to practice for another hour.

This month we will be learning the cha cha, which can be danced to the vast majority of popular music played at corporate conventions/conferences & nightclubs like Atlantic Dance Hall!

Please remember your appropriate footwear - no tennis shoes/sneakers/boots with rubber-soled shoes. Any pair of dress shoes (ladies or mens) with hard leather or hard plastic soles will work. Barefoot is OK if you absolutely have no shoes whatsoever with hard soles, but it's not the most protective for dancing with other newbies, and if you choose to go barefoot, I recommend wearing ball-of-foot protectors like Toekinis for the right amount of slide & grip (can be found at any drug store in the footcare section).  For more guidance on proper footwear, visit (there is a tl;dr summary at the bottom).

Please RSVP so that we can give the gateguard (it is in a private clubhouse) your name to be let in.

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